Cakes & Bars

Handmade sheet cakes and bars are delicious and affordable. The Coffee, Crumb, and Carrot cakes are available in “half sheet” size (12 x 16) which serves 32 to 48, and our brownies are available in “quarter sheet” size (9 x 13) that serves 12 to 16.

Breakfast Cakes: Coffee Cake, Crumb Cake

Dessert Cakes and Bars: Carrot Cake, Brownies and Brownies with Nuts.

For full cake descriptions see below.

Coffee Cake
Delectable coffee cake topped with pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar. Traditional never goes out of style!

Crumb Cake
Named for its streusel crumb topping, crumb cake makes a fun change from traditional coffee cake. The light, moist base is topped with a streusel of brown & white sugar, flour, butter, and cinnamon.

Carrot Cake
Packed with carrots, walnuts, coconut, pineapple and raisins; topped with cream-cheese frosting.